Healthy dog treats for a cause

Overcoming Trauma,
Inspiring Survivors

Nutritious treats, supplements, & oils

Overcoming Trauma, Inspiring Survivors


Our Impact
Overcoming Trauma. Inspiring Survivors.

When we saw the impact of our Chief Canine Officer, Otis, and his work with hurting children, we knew we had to spread the love. We built the O.T.I.S. world of functional supplements to help your dog live their best life and support the work of Medical Dogs trained to work with traumatized children. We have grain free dog treats, dog treats for sensitive stomachs, and more to ensure every dog can get the healthy snack they deserve. When it comes to the best healthy dog treats, you can trust Otis to deliver.

Children’s Hospital Colorado which is ranked in the top 10 pediatric facilities in the US, will be the first recipient of O.T.I.S.’ mission support for their Medical Dog Program.

the o.t.i.s. pack(t)

In Dog We Trust

DOGS are family

We treat dogs as members of the family. We only want the best for our family and that’s why we make the best treats for good dogs. Our USA made dog treats are nutritious and delicious.


Dog food is necessary, but it doesn’t supply everything your pup needs to thrive.


Dogs they deserve the purest ingredients possible. They deserve the best healthy dog treats. They deserve O.T.I.S.

Woof! Woof!
Meet Otis!

Otis is our guy! He’s a Doodle with a heart of a hero. He’s just as happy to hike miles in the foothills as he is to snooze by the fire. He has the energy of a cheetah and the jump of a jack rabbit. And, of course, he loves his healthy dog snacks.

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