Otis...Good Doggie!

Dog with leash

Otis is our guy!

Otis is founder Steve Herron’s Doodle. Before Steve was the founder of O.T.I.S. the brand, Otis the dog began behaving noticeably protective around certain children. Otis would not leave their sides. When his attentive and concerned behavior didn’t stop whenever Otis was near the children, Steve knew something was amiss.

Upon further investigation, Steve learned Otis was picking up on the fear and trauma children were expressing. What was eventually revealed was that the children were being abused and suffering from trauma. Otis discovered it. The Love of Dog was revealed.

Otis changed his first life. 

The journey to overcoming trauma began in earnest. One of the many ways Steve is working to bring peace and healing to the lives of other traumatized children is by supporting highly-specialized Medical Dogs specifically trained to work with traumatized children in hospital settings.

This is where your dollars help heal children. For every O.T.I.S. product purchased, $1 goes to support medical dog programs.

O.T.I.S.: Overcoming Trauma, Inspiring Survivors.