Spreading Healing and Joy: O.T.I.S.'s Impactful $10,000 Donation

Child smiling next to a facility dog in a hospital setting

O.T.I.S. is proud to announce their recent donation to Children's Hospital Colorado. The $10,000 donation from O.T.I.S. is a significant milestone in their giving mission. It highlights their commitment to spreading healing and support to children in need, while raising awareness about the invaluable role played by Facility Dogs.

The Impact

Imagine being a child in the hospital. You’re in an unfamiliar environment, full of sights, smells, and people that you are not used to. You hear machines beeping and medical jargon that may as well be a foreign language. You feel scared and alone. In that moment, a furry, four-legged friend trots in,—a facility dog that is excited to see you, tail wagging, ready to spend some one-on-one time with you. A comforting presence offering unconditional love, this the power of facility dogs.

Understanding Facility Dogs

Facility dogs are expertly trained dogs who partner with a handler and work in a healthcare setting to address the physical and psychological needs of and assist with goal-oriented interventions for patients and families. Facility dogs usually commence their education at just a few weeks old and undergo a rigorous training lasting two to three years before they are deployed for service. Unlike service dogs that assist individuals with disabilities, facility dogs are hired on as full-time employees who are trained to work with professionals in order to meet specific goals.

The Importance of Facility Dogs

In hospital settings, facility dogs play a crucial role, especially when it comes to providing support to children. These remarkable dogs are trained to perform specific tasks, such as helping calm patients during certain procedures, encouraging kids to get up and move around even when they're feeling sick, comforting kids who have experienced trauma, and even ease patients' fears by demonstrating how to take medications. 

The benefits of facility dogs are immeasurable. Numerous studies have shown that their presence can have a profound positive impact on patients. These dogs can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and even improve coordination and fine motor skills. Moreover, they provide emotional support and companionship during challenging times, fostering a sense of hope and well-being.

Each and every day, facility dogs are working to help reduce anxiety, encourage socialization, and bring a sense of normalcy to young patients' lives.

How the O.T.I.S. Mission Came to Be

O.T.I.S., an acronym for "overcoming trauma, inspiring survivors," is a company dedicated to helping children heal from trauma by supporting facility dog programs. With every product purchased, O.T.I.S. generously donates $1 to their cause, directly contributing to the specialized training of Facility Dogs, as well as assisting medical communities in hiring these incredible animals as full-time employees.

O.T.I.S.’s Impactful Donation

Launched in March 2023, O.T.I.S. has been passionate about supporting their cause. By September, just seven months later, they reached their first giving milestone and were able to donate $10,000 to their current mission recipient, Children’s Hospital Colorado. 

Children’s Hospital Colorado, ranked among the top 10 children’s hospitals in the country, currently employs five facility dogs: Halo, Ruffles, Galaxy, Kit, and Pringle. 


Looking to the Future

O.T.I.S. is dedicated to their mission of helping children heal from trauma, and their recent donation to Children's Hospital Colorado is just the beginning of their journey. O.T.I.S. plans to expand their reach to other hospitals and organizations that provide similar support to children in need. With every purchase of their functional, nutritional, and eco-friendly dog products, O.T.I.S. is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of as many children as possible.