The O.T.I.S. Founder, Steve Herron

Man with dog in snow

As the founder of O.T.I.S, I ask you to please join me in supporting the work of these amazing professionals we call Medical Dogs.

These dogs are much more than just quiet professionals going about their work in hospitals. Medical Dogs bring peace to children experiencing indescribable trauma. My hope is none of you will ever require the assistance of a Medical Dog. Please find solace knowing these canine professionals are doing very difficult work every day by being and bringing peace to a child’s difficult life.

While we enjoy the companionship of our family dogs, there is a small, but important group of highly-skilled Medical Dogs working tirelessly to help children in need. O.T.I.S was formulated to improve the life of your dog. Our mission, as a brand, is to improve the lives of children.

You have many choices when it comes to improving the life of your four-legged family member. When you choose O.T.I.S., you are investing in the Love of Dog. Your financial support directly affects the lives of children slowly navigating their path to becoming survivors of trauma. In my mind, there is no greater good.

Every product we develop is formulated with purpose, intention and love. Thank you for the purpose, intention and love you bring to our kennel and cause. Most importantly, from the bottom of my heart, and the tip of Otis’ constantly wagging tail, thank you for assisting us in Overcoming Trauma and Inspiring Survivors.

For the Kids,

Otis, Chief Canine Officer + Steve, Founder & Chief Executive Officer