O.T.I.S. - Connecting Healthy Pups with Hurting Children

Boy with dog outside
Medical dogs aren't something the public is overly familiar with. But that's about to change thanks to O.T.I.S., the pooch-centric brand committed to raising awareness and funding canines dedicated to bringing peace to suffering children. Is there a worthier cause?

Discover more about our mission and how you can get involved below.

Who Is O.T.I.S.?

O.T.I.S. was founded by Steve Herron to produce the highest quality natural dog supplements to pups and fund the training of medical dogs who help traumatized children in hospitals.

The brand is named after Otis, Steve's righthand man and beloved pooch.

Steve realized that Otis became noticeably protective over specific children and wouldn't stray from their sides. Eventually, it was discovered that Otis was picking up on children's behaviors of abuse and trauma. And thus, O.T.I.S. was born.

The Mission: Offering Innovative Canine Supplements and Healing Children's Trauma

The main mission of this innovative brand is to help children overcome trauma through the help of highly specialized medical dogs.

So how is this accomplished?

O.T.I.S. wants the best for both canines and kids. So, they've created high performance nutritional treats for dogs of all sizes, breeds, and personalities. Currently, O.T.I.S. offers three product types:

  • Love Drops — including CBD oil and Omega-3 to potentially soothe arthritis, ease general pain, and reduce anxiety.
  • Liquid Love — fortifying and filled with functional ingredients like chamomile or glucosamine in a protein-rich broth.
  • Wild Things — Chewy treats made from dried bison lung, a low-allergy pup-friendly food. Rich in high-quality protein, they're sure to be your furry friend's new favorite.

Every time you buy a product, one of your dollars goes toward funding medical dog programs. When they're ready, these pups begin their quiet but life-changing task of bringing peace to suffering children.

Currently, the brand has funded the work of medical dogs at Children's Hospital in Colorado. But rest assured, this is only the beginning.
O.T.I.S. Making a Difference
How O.T.I.S. Uses Your Patronage to Make a Difference

Your money makes an impact. Not only does it ensure O.T.I.S. can keep its doors open to dog-loving individuals throughout the country, but it also goes toward:

  • Training — Medical dogs are specially trained to handle children in states of distress.
  • Support — Many healthcare facilities employ medical dogs as full-time staff members. O.T.I.S. plays a part in keeping this worthwhile practice up and running.
  • Visibility — The brains behind the business know they need to spread medical dog awareness. That way, more children with trauma can benefit from their specialized care.
  • Healing — Ultimately, shopping with O.T.I.S. means making a positive impact on the lives of hurting and traumatized children.

O.T.I.S.: Keeping Your Dog Healthy While Healing the Hearts of Children Through the Love of Canines

If this back story doesn't give you warm and fuzzy feelings, nothing will. The mission to raise awareness and fund the continuation of medical dogs' work is enough to melt anybody's heart.

The next time you're looking for a pooch-perfect treat, try O.T.I.S. and help ease a hurting child's pain too.