Importance of Dog Treats Being Made in USA

Dog Treats Made in USA

Reading “Made in USA” on a packet of food we choose to eat ourselves or serve to our families puts our minds at ease. It’s a stamp of approval, a guarantee that the food is held to a high standard and traveled less in order to reach our door.

To know we’re feeding our pets high-quality food is just as important. After all, dogs are family! And there’s no better way to ensure these treasured family members eat well than by always purchasing USA made dog treats.

‘Made in USA’ – What Does it Mean Exactly?

We might be a proud nation of people who love to buy home-grown products simply to support local businesses, but that’s not the only reason for choosing dog treats and food that come from the USA.

American-made products are manufactured to a standard that is rarely found in other parts of the world. US-made products must abide by strict codes for health and safety that manufacturers are proud to put their names behind.

For a company to be able to put ‘Made in USA’ on their products means that every step of the process, from the assembly of ingredients to the methods used in production and even the packaging, must follow regulations laid out by the Federal Trade Commission, or FTC.

No Hidden Surprises

The strict standards that producers of dog treats and foods must abide by mean that there’s no room for any hidden surprises for you, the owner.

It means that if you can’t see an ingredient listed on the packet, then there’s no trace of that ingredient in the food. The authorities who regulate production in the USA can and will prosecute any company that mislabels ingredients or otherwise misleads customers.

Sadly, the same can’t be said for products made overseas. In countries where food regulations aren’t as stringent, there’s no guarantee that customers can shop with confidence concerning the safety of their purchases.

If high quality ingredients with no unpleasant surprises are your goal, then you should always shop for American-made products. It’s what sets the US market apart from its global competitors.

USA made dog treats
Does this Mean Added Expense?

We all know that in life, we get what we pay for. At times, it might seem a thriftier option to pick non-American dog treats and food when we’re at the pet store or the food market if they’re a few cents cheaper.

But beware. It might be kinder on your pocket for a moment, but in the long run it can very easily end up being unkind on your dog’s stomach and can leave you with extortionate vet bills.

O.T.I.S. products are made with the highest level of care and are designed to keep your dog healthy. You’ll see exactly what goes into our treats, and you’ll see we steer clear of any ingredients your dog may be sensitive to.

By prioritizing quality, in the long run you’re guaranteed to save money and ensure the wellness of your dog. When you purchase dog treats and food made in the USA, you’re putting man’s best friend first. And that’s just how it should be!