COPPER Featured Furry

Dog in snow

Meet Copper, an Airedale with an adventure story

Woof! I'm Copper. My forever family rescued me through Airedale Terrier Rescue & Adoption this year. My first family abandoned me after 6 years because they didn't know how to love me. BARK! I was left in a barn to my own devices and never met another dog.

But now I'm in my forever family and they know just how to love me!

  1. Establish boundaries
  2. Keep me safe
  3. Don't leave me
  4. Feed me good food
  5. Include me as part of the family
  6. Don't let me be the Alpha (I don't know how to be a leader!).

Also I love chasing balls! WOOF! If there were an Olympic sport of ball chasing, I'd win gold.

Like a true Airedale, I love having a job to do and a family to protect. I just wish I'd found my forever family sooner! 

Awwwooo! I have to go chase a ball!